Far away from Venezuela's capital Caracas lies a coastal town struggling to feed itself. The town survives on fishing, but almost everything else is smuggling to its shores from neighbouring Trinidad.

Two FARC fighters prepare to give birth in a new Colombia that’s still rife with danger and uncertainty.

In Peru's cocaine valley, a soldier risks his career to win the annual motorised rickshaw race.

A young journalist investigates allegations that Salvadoran police are being hired to kill MS13 gang members.

Investigating allegations of slave labour and exploitation in Brazil's garment industry.

Film documents two tribes coming out of voluntary isolation in the border lands of Brazil and Peru. Royal Television Society winner for Best Science and Natural History Programme. Available on Netflix.

An insight into the makers and breakers of Peru's lucrative cocaine trade.

An insight into the lives of those who fight for Bolivia's right for traditional coca use versus those who benefit from cocaine production.

Investigating allegations that an Amazonian apocalyptic sect is involved in the drug trade.

A personal insight into the rise and pitfalls of three of the 33 Chilean Miners.

Only 6 hours from Lima, a language and a culture known as Jaqaru, has resisted change until now.